Ear: The Gateway to Liberation

Hare KrishnaBy Pran Gopinath Das

We may not realize how our aural organs play a vital role in determining our spiritual destination. The human body is equipped with five senses through which one is connected to the external world. These five knowledge-acquiring organs, known in the Vedas as jnanendriyas (jnana, “knowledge”; indriya, “senses”), are the ears, eyes, tongue, nose, and skin. Through them we receive information about the external world, and based on that information we act and react. Among these senses, the ears are more active than the other four. Srila Prabhupada explained the superior status of the ears: Suppose you are sleeping. Then all your senses are also sleeping. But the ear does not sleep. When a man is sleeping and somebody is coming to kill him, so what do you say? You cry, “Mr. such and such, wake up! Wake up! There is danger.” Otherwise, all the senses are there, but only the ear will help you. The eyes are there, hands are there, legs are there, everything is there—none of these limbs, these parts of your body, will help you. Simply your ear will help you when you are in danger. (Lecture, San Francisco, July 21, 1975) Continue reading

Stories told by Srila Prabhupada

Hare KrishnaBy Suhotra Swami

Sometimes devotees they find themselves in some situation, which they think is hopeless. They are struggling, struggling, struggling and they seem to make no progress and then they start to think: “Oh, what is the use.” And then they wonder they just give everything up, give up Krishna consciousness, go back home to mama, what’s the use. Once there were two frogs who by accident fell into a pot of milk. So after struggling to keep afloat for some time one frog gave up hope: “Oh, it’s useless.” And just drowned down and was dead. But the other frog was more determined and he kept kicking and kicking and kicking despite the hopeless situation. Now, by doing all this kicking again and again and again because it was fresh milk, just came from the cow, the milk turned to butter. Then the frog could stand on the hard butter and jumped out. The moral is that we should always be determined in our efforts to serve Krishna and never give up. Even if it seems hopeless just keep kicking. Continue reading

His Holiness Janananda Goswami: This month saw two dear disciples leave the world

His Holiness Janananda Goswami: This month saw two dear disciples leave the world, on their way Back to Godhead. I would like to thank all the devotees who prayed and gave their blessings to these two wonderful souls. I have written a little life history about Jairama prabhu and how he left. Generally dying with Corona is not a very good way to go- in IC – no one allowed to visit or be in the ward, even family members and funeral with no one present etc. But Krsna had a different plan.

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A Great Soul Departs

By Subhangi devi dasi

Priya joined ISKCON when she was around 14 years old, serving first in France, and then in many other countries. She considered herself the oldest “kuli.” She was fluent in many languages: Greek, Italian, Hindi, Bengali, and Spanish, and more. This enabled her to communicate with and serve the worldwide community of devotees. She was also very dedicated to her daily worship, and was an amazing cook. She somehow managed to maintain her daily sadhana and worship despite her busy life of service. Continue reading

How I Came To Krishna Consciousness – Bhakta Rex (China)

How I Came To Krishna Consciousness – Bhakta Rex (China) (6 min. video)
Srila Prabhupada: Fate can be changed by Krishna consciousness. Krishna says, “I shall give you protection from all the resultant action of your sinful life.” That is fate changed. When you surrender to Krishna, He takes charge of squaring up all your sinful activities and their reaction. Surrender to Krishna; then your fate is changed. Delhi, November 28, 1975.

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