Community by Design

Hare KrishnaBy Danakeli dasi

Srila Prabhupada wanted us to show by example how to become freed from dependency on city life and satisfied with the village idea. “ But we are not going to develop a competitive farming enterprise for making money. The basic principle is to become independent of artificial city life …Gandhi had this idea, the one defect was that there was no Krishna in the center. So the same idea of village organization , but keeping Krishna in the center should be introduced on our farm projects . ” Continue reading


TOVP Australasia Tour Report

Hare KrishnaBy TOVP staff

The tour stopped in the cities and communities listed below and achieved great success, being met by enthusiastic and supportive devotees who made small and large financial sacrifices according to their means for the project. The total amount of pledges exceeded $3 million U.S., an astounding amount considering the small size of some of the communities. All these devotees are to be thanked. Continue reading