Govinda Swami: Clean Vraja Campaign Update!! When I came home to…

Govinda Swami: Clean Vraja Campaign Update!!
When I came home to Vrindavan I wrote a note that explained my personal crisis while being here … due to the prevailing insane situation in Vrindavan.
After my post, many friends from around the world commented, shared wonderful ideas, and offered their time, expertise, and commitment to help the ecological and heritage crisis that we are facing here in Vrindavan.
I started thinking.
Hey !! Please don’t laugh. I can still think .. a little
First I sat down with Indradyumna Maharaja to think of the folks we know who have been very successful in their services in Vrindavan.
We first met with Padmanabha Goswami of Radha Raman Mandir, one of our oldest Vrindavan friends, who is a recognized activist for the ecology and culture of Vrindavan.
Then we met our Vrindavan temple president Pancha Gauda Prabhu who has so successfully served and developed Vrindavan Temple for nearly 30 years.
Then we met Rupa Raghunatha who is the driving force of Food For Life Vrindavan and the world famous Sandipani Muni School for underprivileged girls.
Rupa has built schools and gives A to Z care for 1,400 young girls in Vrindavan and manages a staff of over 300 persons.
And then we met Jagatananda Prabhu, a very old friend with whom I shared my early days of Krishna consciousness in Toronto. We have probably not met since 1980.
Jagatananda is a teacher, scholar, writer, Sanskritist, master of Bengali language, translator and the editor of the internet newspaper Vrindavan Today.
In all the discussions we shared ideas and agreed that;
If we wish to attain the cherished goal of restoring Vraja we will need the assistance of the varied members of civil society in Vraja .. as well as the enforcement of the law of the land by the respected officers of the Indian Government.
On the first point;
Pancha Gauda and Rupa Raghunatha prabhus both run huge organizations. At present they are both in the process of creating better professional systems to manage their organizations.
Rupa Raghunatha has already engaged an international consultant to guide the restructuring of Food For Life Vrindavan and it has given fantastic results.
This last February his consultant visited Vrindavan and guided the FFLV team in their second training.
And, while the consultant was in Vrindavan, Rupa called together a group of prominent Vrindavan citizens and spent an afternoon of consultant guided brainstorming.
The conclusion of two hours of work was fantastic.
Now our desire is to again invite the consultant, pull more members on board, and chalk out a real plan for our work in Vraja.
And on the second point;
In India, we have a Prime Minister of the nation.
In each state, we have a Chief Minister.
The Chief Minister of our state Uttar Pradesh is a sadhu named Yogi Adityanatha. He is the Mahant of the Gorakhpur Temple Pith and has long been involved in national politics.
He is the president of an organization dedicated to the development of Vraja Bhumi .. and his vice president is a wonderful retired senior officer of the police. His name is Sri Shailesh Jha Kant Mishra.
He is the direct secretary to our state Chief Minister.
Mishraji is quite an amazing individual. He is a disciple of Devraha Baba, a renown saint who passed from this world around 1990.
At the time of his passing, he is said to have been between 300 and 400 years old.
Five generations of Mishraji’s family were disciples of Baba.
Baba instructed Mishraji to never purchase a house or own a piece of property during his life, instructed his wife never to purchase gold, and told him that one day he would be called to serve the sacred land of Vrindavan.
And in his retirement, he was requested by the Chief Minister to come to Vraja and serve.
Thus for him, this is a sacred service that has been given to him by his guru maharaja.
Through Pancha Gauda and Rupa Raghunatha, I have heard that Mishraji has agreed to be a part of the Vrindavan partnership development team and will assist in giving proper guidance and support to the committee.
He has said that until he dies he will be dedicated to the service of Sri Vrindavan Dham.
And folks … that is very good news.
So, in conclusion .. the ball is rolling … in a great direction.
I will keep all of you updated when I hear that there is any more information.
Your prayers, hearts, voices, arms, professional abilities, references, will all be needed to make this long-term dream come true.
Hare Krishna and good morning from Vrindavan !!
Yours in service,
BB Govinda Swami


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