A genuine alternative to modern misconceptions of God

Hare KrishnaBy Jaya Gopal das

Who or what is God? In our modern world, when we observe the amount of energy consumed by all of the other topics that fill our lives, this question is given almost no consideration or thought whatsoever. As such, we are burdened with so many frivolous misconceptions of God, the Supreme. For the most part, this lack of attention to the true nature of God is due to the misconception that we cannot know God. Although there is certainly truth in thinking that total knowledge of the Infinite is not possible for one who is finite, this idea of permanent inconceivability causes people to give up on any further inquiry. They simply IGNORE the whole topic, and, as such, remain covered by ignore-ance (ignorance). Some religions lock this permanent inconceivability into their dogma and say that it is blasphemy to portray the Supreme with any sort of features. If we read the Holy Koran, we find that Mohammed (like Moses before him) railed against any sort of artificially manufactured forms of God, or idols. This should not be taken to mean, however, that the real and transcendental God does not have His own unique and personal form and qualities. Continue reading


Spirituality – Why and What???

Hare KrishnaBy Dwaipayan De

It is worthwhile mentioning over here, that a cell, which is the basic constituent of a human body, has a definite life span, and once a particular cell dies, it is replaced by another. In this way, it is believed that over a span of 7 years, all the cells that constitute the physical body of a person, are completely replaced by new ones. So in effect, a person receives a new body in every 7 years. Now if someone identifies himself with his own body, then he should be considered dead in the next seven years, as he gets physically replaced, or should we say, it is he who is replaced.Hence going by this school of thought, a person should be considered a completely different individual, after a span of seven years. And the new individual, seven years older, would be a different person with different sets of qualities, nature, acumen and consciousness who would have nothing to do with the person who he had just replaced. Going further on this, a person shouldn’t be sentenced to prison for any crime, for more than seven years, as it would implicate a different individual to suffer for the misdeeds he has not committed (it was committed by someone he has replaced). Another implication of this philosophy, might be the inclusion of an expiry date of seven years ,to the academic degrees. So Doctors, engineers,singers,etc need to prove their qualification periodically at a gap of seven years, as the new person might not be born as qualified as the person he had replaced. Continue reading

Special Cida Dahi Festival in Bali

Hare Krishna This year in the island of Bali, Lord Nityananda showered His causeless mercy to the devotees. For the second time this year the grand Cida dahi festival was held at the Merta Sari beach. This program was not planned however. HH Subhag Swami arrived in Bali a few days prior to the festival and spontaneously commented, ‘We should have a Cida dahi festival!’ The local devotees took this instruction seriously and as a result within a short span of only three days was this festival arranged.

Prime Minister of India about the Mega Youth Festival at New Delhi – UDGAAR (2 min video)

Mega Youth Festival at New Delhi – UDGAAR (2 min video)
Prime Minister of India: I am pleased to learn that a Mega Youth Festival -UDGAAR: An Expression of Goodness and Joy” on the theme “Building India Upon Values” is being organized by the ISKCON Youth Forum on 14, October 2018 at New Delhi. ISKCON movement has been endeavoring for the spiritual transformation of the world in the light of Krishna consciousness, Its initiatives to empower our young generations with the enlightening values of our civilization are commendable.
I hope that UDGAAR, organized by its youth forum, will be an ideal platform for our youth to showcase their talents and to reaffirm their support for the progress of the nation.
I wish all success for the event as well as for all the endeavors of the ISKCON Youth Forum.
(Narendra Modi)
New Delhi 04 October, 2018