Update on the Kalash for Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi in Mayapur

Due to the raining season going on the moment, the assembly process is slightly slowed down but still going strong!


Cooking for Krishna

Devaki Devi Dasi: There is a gulf of difference between serving Deities in the temple or in our home – it is indeed a different world! At home, Krishna has to accept our schedule: when we want to eat, and what we want to eat. Let’s be honest: in our home, we tend to cook for ourselves, and we simply offer it to Krishna before we take our meal. Serving the Deities in the temple is very different: here we accept Krishna’s schedule – what He wants to eat, and when He wants to eat! He has is particular meals with His favorite dishes, at fixed times – never mind what our own eating habits are. This makes all the difference.

A lovely letter to Srila Prabhupada by Sally Agarwal…

A lovely letter to Srila Prabhupada by Sally Agarwal whom’s family first hosted Srila Prabhupada when he arrived in America.
When she left Swamiji at the bus depot, she cried thinking of him alone in NYC
Tuesday, Nov. 9th1965
Dear Swamiji,
We were so glad to get your letter. We talk about you often and wonder how you are, if you are lonely, if you are working, etc. and if you have a satisfactory place in which to cook. You said in one of your previous letters that you go some place to cook once a day. Does that mean that you have a hot meal only one time a day? If so, what do you eat for the other meals? Another thing, please answer–what are your plans? ‘Where is your next station? When do you expect to go there? When is your scheduled departure for India? We would like to know these details.

Krishna, The Supreme Scientist

Hare KrishnaBy Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami

When we think calmly and carefully about this wonderful universe, we can see that everything is working under the control of a supreme brain. The arrangements in nature are perfectly ordered. Things would be at random without the careful planning of a scientific and engineering brain. It is a common understanding that there is a cause behind each action. A machine cannot run without an operator. Modern scientists are very proud of automation, but there is a scientific brain behind automation also. Even Albert Einstein agreed that there is a perfect brain behind all the natural physical laws. When we talk about “brain” and “operator,” these terms imply a person. They cannot be impersonal. One may inquire who this person is. He is Lord Sri Krsna, the supreme scientist and supreme engineer, under whose kind will the whole cosmos is working. Sri Krsna says: “The whole cosmic order is under Me. By My will it is manifested again and again, and by My will it is annihilated at the end.” Continue reading

Create Sacred Space

Hare KrishnaBy Kamala-sundari Dasi

How do we upgrade our home to a sacred space or temple? A temple is a place of worship, centred around spiritual activity. When I speak to resident devotees at the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple about their lives there, the common thread is that they are grateful to live in the Supreme Lord’s house, and that His presence is always felt. When we visit temples, we do not enter with our shoes on as they are unclean. We trod everywhere in them, touching all types of dirt. Removing our shoes immediately elevates our mind, making us recognise that we are now entering a special place. Replicating this practice in our homes will assist us in remembering that our homes are a sacred sanctuary too. Continue reading