Prabhupada Bhagavata Swagatham Book Marathon distribution 2019 – 650 SB sets in 6 weeks by Radheshyam Prabhu

By Suta Goswami Das

Traveling with Radheshyam Prabhu and distributing books is nothing short of an adventure. As per the English dictionary, the definition of an adventure is “an exciting or daring experience”. An experience is exciting when you don’t know what is awaiting you the next moment. With Radheshyam Prabhu, every day is an exciting experience, especially during Book Marathon. One day traveling in crowded trains, then traveling further to remote villages in the vehicle with bumpy roads. Some days lying down on a desolate station in the middle of the night, waiting for a regularly delayed train. Sometimes distributing books in trains trying to escape the eyes of local police. Or even sometimes getting into debates with unreasonable wranglers trying to mar ISKCON’s reputation in public.

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