Iskcon: International Society for …Kofta consciousness…

Iskcon: International Society for …Kofta consciousness 🙂
This is the super positive feedback from a person after having a meal in the Govinda’s restaurant of the devotees in Australia.
Aniruddha: The positive reputation of ISKCON in Australia is built in good part on the good will created by the prasadam distribution of our restaurants and the vegetarian or bhakti yoga clubs in our universities. It is an essential element of connecting with the man on the street, especially in countries with small populations where you can’t sell a book to an individual every day of the week. They will however, be hungry every day, and happy to pay for a good, healthy, scrumptious meal of delicious Krsna prasadam. Sometimes eating more than one meal a day!
We should take advantage of this global opportunity!

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