Two new videos for Gaura Purnima

More and more people in the world celebrate Gaura Purnima as the most important holiday of the year.
Gaura Purnima is a happy time when Lord Caitanya, the golden avatar, appeared on earth five hundred years ago. He is also called the most gracious avatar. He gives an invaluable gift – love to God for everyone. According to His prediction, Mahamantra Hare Krsna is heard throughout the world.
On the day of His appearance, the whole planet was freed from the oppression of the age of Kali, so everyone on earth received the opportunity to be liberated simply by chanting the holy names.

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Krishna’s Fascination

Krishna’s Fascination.
By Sacinandana Swami: Krishna is fascinated with the land and people of Vrindavan.
The Bhagavatam says (10.1.28): “The city and district of Mathura,” Vrindavan is part of that, “are very intimately connected with Krishna, for Lord Krishna lives there eternally.”Nityam sannihito harihi – He is there eternally.

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Unconditional love

Unconditional love.
BB Govinda Swami: We should be prepared to open ourselves up. We should be prepared to take down our guards. We should be prepared to dismantle our protective fences that we have around us. And we should say:
“I’m ready to serve You. So You just please do to me whatever is necessary so that I would serve You purely”.

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“Afraid to Surrender”

“Afraid to Surrender” by HG Mahatma Prabhu – April 16, 2018 (4 min video)
If we are afraid of love – and surrender is another word for love – Krsna will bring into our lives the very things we fear will happen if we surrender. So what we fear will happen if we surrender then appears in our lives, because this is what we are focused on and this is what we expect will happen.

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Mlecchas and yavanas!

Mlecchas and yavanas!
Srila Prabhupada sent some American and European disciples to one of his sannyasi godbrothers’ ashram in India in the late 60s’. However, this sannyasi forbid them to cook or to perform arotika; they were Westerners and were thus too fallen to perform these services. Prabhupada never forgot this insult to his disciples: half a decade later, when that sannyasi asked Prabhupada for a contribution, Prabhupada replied as follows.

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Iskcon devotees clean the Holy Dhama (Album of photos)

Iskcon devotees, including HG Mahatma prabhu ACBSP (in the photo), spent a morning collecting garbage thrown carelessly in the streets of the Holy Dhama of Sri Mayapur. There is a plan for the stores in Iskcon Mayapur to be using primarily products with biodegradable packaging but is not applied yet. There are also other policies thought out in order to prevent pollution like for example placing signs everywhere: 1000 RUPEE FINE FOR LITTERING and then get all the chokidars to enforce it. Eventually, these and other norms of this effect will be applied, as the nearing of the completion of the international project of the TOVP becomes imminent.

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