GBC Organizational Development Committee OPEN POSITIONS

Gopal Bhatta das: The GBC Organizational Development Committee is a standing committee of ISKCON’s GBC. We strive to provide proper organizational structure designed to create global alignment and ensure devotional standards and ethos throughout the society. Global alignment will also provide a more unified society with clearer lines of authority, culture, strategy, and performance. We believe in “More Devotees, Happier Devotees”. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our team. This devotional opportunity offers service on a global level.

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No Resolutions For Me, I’m Perfect

Hare KrishnaBy Vraja Vihari dasa

Resolutions hold promises of a better year, but do we really need them? Aren’t we doing just fine? Why does everyone always start something just to lose it a week later? So for our New Year’s resolutions, we can resolve to increase our chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra, especially on beads, and our reading of Srila Prabhupada’s books. And we can resolve to decrease, or stop, activities detrimental to Krishna consciousness. And in our efforts, the Lord will help us, for God helps those who help themselves. Continue reading

What is the Difficulty? Some Help with Making New Year’s Resolutions

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma das

It’s natural to talk about new year’s resolutions. You might be thinking about doing something you’ve put off or making some changes for the new year. Srila Prabhupada cites Dhruva Maharaja as a perfect example of determination. He says that we should be as determined to be Krsna conscious as Dhruva was to see Krsna. Dhruva was willing to undergo any austerity to see Krsna. We learn from this that there’s a big difference between wanting something and being committed to achieving it. This is the difference between determination in the mode of ignorance and determination in the mode of goodness. In the mode of ignorance determination doesn’t get past the dreaming stage. In the mode of goodness determination is unbreakable and sustained by constant self control. Have you ever thought it would be nice to achieve something – but then not do much about it? If you have, you probably didn’t achieve it. However, have you ever committed yourself to achieving something no matter what the cost? If you have, it’s likely you succeeded. So if you make a new year’s resolution and are not committed to achieving it, there’s a really good chance you won’t follow through. Continue reading

Approaching The New Year By Making New Resolutions To Come Closer To Krishna

By Radhanath Swami

Patanjali writes in the Yoga Sutras that attachment arises from remembering past pleasant activities. As we remember the pleasure of these activities, we become attached to doing them again. Detachment works in a similar way: we remember the pain of past activities and we thus detach from them. If your brain links pain with activity in the past, as well as in the present and the future, you will give it up. It then becomes a neural response because you feel the pain in your nervous system. It is no longer information; you simply can’t act that way again. Continue reading

New Ahimsa Milk truck

New Ahimsa Milk truck. Love (and offer to Krishna) milk. Hate slaughter (of innocent cows). Raw and whole pasteurized milk are currently being delivered to doorstep/drop-point locations in the North London/within M25 area, and throughout the rest of the UK via mailorder. We already have a very long milk waiting list and therefore the list is closed to new submissions at this time. Sorry. Come and visit us at a farmers’ market if you are in London where you can still buy our raw milk.

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WSN November 2019 – World Sankirtan Newsletter

By Vijaya Das

Generally people reach the ages of 55 to 65 and gradually retire. But two devotees in the Los Angeles temple, Bhrgupati Prabhu and Sacitanoy Prabhu, now 68 and 67, respectively, are a sankirtan team. They go out daily on book distribution, except on weekends, and do huge. Recently, these two non-decrepit book distributors were in the top twenty worldwide. Brghupati is No. 6 for November, with 4,328 book points, and Saci Tanoy is No. 19, with 1,270 book points. They are good examples of what Srila Prabhupada wanted: devotees who dedicate their lives to the spreading of Krsna consciousness. Bhrgupati has been distributing since 1973 and Sacitanoy since 1979 (in Spanish and English). When you see Bhrgupati distributing, it’s amazing. He has the energy of a teenager and ageless enthusiasm. I hope that they both continue for more years being great examples of devotees who give their all, from youth through old age, for Krishna’s pleasure. Continue reading