Deepening Our Relationship with Prabhupada (video)

Deepening Our Relationship with Prabhupada (video)
How we should cultivate our relationship with Srila Prabhupada. Iskcon is a vehicle to spread Prabhupada’s instructions. How we should be tolerant to other organizations that have the same mission as to spread Prabhupada’s instructions.

Big gathering of European Iskcon Leaders at New Vraja Dhama

Hare Krishna About 90 devotees, leaders from the European Yatras, are currently meeting in New Vraja Dhama, Hungary, for discussing plans about improving their Krishna conscious preaching missions in their respective countries.
Several subject matters are being discussed pertaining to preaching. The following are some of the highlights:
– ‘Bridge Preaching’ – What did Srila Prabhupada have to say about it? What positives does bridge preaching bring for ISKCON? Are there any negatives that bridge preaching might bring? What does the future hold for ISKCON with regards to bridge preaching?
– ‘ISKCON Membership’ – What shape should it take? What should the criteria be for membership? What obligations should there be for members? What obligations should ISKCON have toward its members?
– ‘2nd generation devotees initiating in the presence of their initiating spiritual master’- What is the current GBC position regarding 2nd generation gurus? What impact does the current position have with regards to ISKCON’s preaching and expansion? Why has that position changed? What does the future hold for ISKCON with regards to ‘2nd generation gurus’?
The meetings are conducted with the help of the ELM organization team (Citraraupini dd, Mahaprabhu das, Madayanti dasi and Praghosa das)

Natya Nectar to Deliver Gita Wisdom in Huge Cirque du…

Natya Nectar to Deliver Gita Wisdom in Huge Cirque du Soleil-Style Show.
Through a massive Cirque du Soleil-style theatrical show, performing arts company Natya Nectar is set to deliver the wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita to audiences across India – before going to Broadway in New York and beyond. Founded by Goura Prema Riggan, a second-generation devotee, Natya Nectar is a Delhi-based professional dance company that has found considerable success in India. The group has appeared on India’s Got Talent, performed at Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s 70th birthday party, and opened for American music star Lady Gaga.
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