ISKCON Nigeria Celebrates Rathayatra 2018

Hare Krishna Mahavrata Devi Dasi: it was fun filled as Lagos Nigeria, host this year Rathayatra festival. The four days event was filled with devotional atmosphere, as devotees all over West Africa and beyond converge in the beautiful city of Lagos to worship lord Jaganath. The event which took place on the 23rd of August 2018, saw people from all walks of lives coming together both devotees and non devotees to chant the maha mantra, dancing and singing as lord Jaganath goes out on the street.

Revisiting the Still Point! Sacinandana Swami

Revisiting the Still Point!
Today I would like to describe what has to happen for a normal conditioned soul to become a devotee. I would like to present the dynamics of transformation – how they are explained in the Vedas.
It is not an easy transformation. Someone who wants to keep things the way they are cannot really enter into spiritual life and undergo transformation. Sometimes spiritual life is seen as an addition to ordinary life, but if we take it seriously it becomes our life and the ordinary one dissolves itself.

Experiences and realizations of devotees who give people Krsna…

Experiences and realizations of devotees who give people Krsna consciousness by giving them books by Srila Prabhupada and his followers.
Death Wish Stopped
Once I was distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books in a small city in Belgium, and I met a woman who listened very emotionally as I showed her a book. She told me she didn’t need the book, because she had just bought some pills in the pharmacy (she showed them to me) and was on her way home to take them all at once and end her life.

The inside job! Sutapa das

The inside job!
Sutapa das: The ungrateful, inappropriate and irrational ways in which people act can infuriate us to no end. We deal with our anger by letting it loose (passionate and vengeful outbursts) or locking it up (emotionally disconnecting). Both expressions, however, are indicative of our own shortcomings. Allowing someone else’s negativity to displace our own consciousness, means there is still work to do. We seek emotional deposits from others because we haven’t become full in ourselves. But isn’t that natural? Aren’t relationships based on mutual emotional dependency? Surely it’s reasonable and legitimate to expect some human decency in our social intercourse. Well, in one sense yes, but if you understand the nature of this world, the power of material psychology and the inherent weakness of each individual, then you won’t be surprised when people aren’t so forthcoming. Only when we are internally nourished and solidly connected to the original spiritual source, can we wholeheartedly give ourselves and remain unaffected by the reciprocation (or lack of) that we receive.