“Oh, you, insensitive idiot!” HH Bhakti Bhringa…

“Oh, you, insensitive idiot!”
HH Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami: Everything is temporary. Sometimes we get into difficult situations and we’re really attached to something, we think it’s the most important thing in the world and we’re terribly, terribly frustrated about everything. And then some simple devotee comes to you and says “Well, everything is temporary. Don’t be attached…”. And then we get very angry, we think “Why doesn’t this idiot actually understand my real crisis that’s going on!”. Everyone ever been in this situation? [saying with a smile]
You know, when you’re like, you’re totally disturbed when you’re materially attached, and then you have a simple, pure bhakta coming to you and he is just “But, Prabhu, but don’t be attached, your problems are all on the basis of, you know, material attachment. And anything that you’re attached to materially is just going to cause you the suffering.”
And then we go “Oh, you, insensitive idiot!” [laughing] You know, “Why don’t you understand what’s going on inside of me? Why are you so superficial to say something like that? Why don’t you understand the real situation?” You see…
That’s because the material perspective is there. Like Prabhupada said that Krishna Consciousness is very simple for people who are simple-hearted and it is very difficult for people who have complicated hearts.
You see, it’s like you have simple consciousness and somebody says “Well, you’re suffering because of matter”, we go “Dah! That’s a fact… that’s a fact…”. And then we think “Well, I should do something to change”. You see, but if consciousness if very crooked, then when sufferings come we become very-very disturbed.
If one is fixed in Krishna Consciousness then the perspective of that person will be that “I’m Krishna’s servant.” And under any circumstance I should serve the devotees and I should serve my spiritual master, I should serve the orders of the Lord. And then success will come.
But, on the other side, if the person is not fixed in this consciousness then it means that he is living in the world of mental concoction. In Bhagavatam it says “Mano-rathena asati” , which means he is living on the chariot of mind. It says “Mano-ratha”, the mental chariot. And this way Bhagavatam defines that the person who is living in the mental realm, he has no qualities whatsoever.