“Hare Krishna!” the movie comes to Kolkata, where it all started!

Hare KrishnaBy Aradhya Bhagavan Das

Friday,15th of December 2017 was a memorial day for all ISKCON devotees in India, as it marked the release of the Hare Krishna! movie – a documentary on Srila Prabhupada’s life – which released simultaneously across 700 screens in 50 different cities of India. The movie has received a resounding success all over India. However, special mention must be made of Kolkata, the birthplace of Srila Prabhupada. Here the movie had run for a week in all the PVR Cinemas across the city. The movie fever that started on Friday 15th at PVR Mani Square, where the show opened to a houseful, subsequently continued over the next 7 days. Mention must be made of the special screening held on Monday 18th of December, when the movie was presented on India’s second largest screen at Mani Square PVR. “The largest screen, I have ever seen in India” was how the director HG Yadubara Prabhu (Mr. John Griesser) would describe the experience. The evening witnessed a congregation of over a 1000 devotee coming together to watch the marvelous rendition by HG Yadubara Prabhu (John Griesser) and his wife and co-director HG Visakha Mataji (Jean Griesser).