Canadian Opera Singer and Trudeau Confidante to Make Pilgrimage to Sri Mayapur Dham

Hare KrishnaBy Jaya Govinda dasa

Vancouver, BC – One of Canada’s fasting rising young opera stars, Dustin Hiles, first met the devotees seven years ago in Winnipeg, MB, while campaigning as a candidate for the provincial Liberal Party of Canada. After his staff put together a list of temples and mandirs for him to visit, he eventually made it to 108 Chestnut Street where the devotees invited him, and his team, to hear about Krishna and take prasadam. This meeting had a profound effect on Dustin who, after a few weeks of sadhu sanga, susspended his campaign and joined the devotees on a cross country road trip to the Vancouver Ratha Yatra. Almost a decade on Dustin is now an aspiring disciple of HH. Gopal Krisna Goswami.