Agnideva Prabhu’s health update (Album with…

Agnideva Prabhu’s health update (Album with photos)
Indradyumna Swami: One of my main objectives in coming to Australia was to visit Agnideva prabhu in the hospital in Sydney. Myself and Sri Prahlada dasa spend over an hour with him this afternoon in ICU. He had triple-bypass heart surgery 2 days ago. He was unable to speak, but squeezed my hand tightly as Sri Prahlada led kirtan and I shared some pastimes of Lord Caitanya with him. When I mentioned how so many devotees around the world were praying for him and donating towards his medical expenses, tears rolled down his cheeks. He will be in ICU for another week and then rehab for 2 months. Although his discomfort was obvious he managed a smile just before we left. If you would like to contribute to his care please visit:
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