Agnideva Prabhu’s health update. An update of Agnideva’s…

Agnideva Prabhu’s health update.
An update of Agnideva’s Prabhu’s condition: The following report is not a pleasant one to read. Please keep your donations coming. We have yet to reach our goal of $100,000.
In order to address the issue of Agnideva Prabhu’s cardiac problems, it was necessary to get him breathing on his own without the ventilator. Sedation was reduced slightly to test his neurological reflexes – a prerequisite to removing the respiratory equipment. As a result of the sedation being reduced, he was able to move his eyes from side to side, wiggle his fingers and toes and stick his tongue out. However, he could not move his limbs. This made removing the ventilator too dangerous. The doctors suspect that his autoimmune system has been affected, most likely by a disease called Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a neurological disease caused by bacterial or viral infection. There is no cure. People usually recover but it takes 6 months or more. Again, we humbly request devotees, friends and well-wishers to contribute to his treatment. Thank you!
Your servant,
Indradyumna Swami
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