Sri Rasikananda deva Goswami – Appearance

Hare KrishnaBy Rasikananda das

Sri Rasikananda Deva appeared in this world in 1590 A.D. (Sakabda 1512), on the first day of the bright fortnight of the month of Kartik. His father was Sri Achyuta Deva, the king of Rohini. The village of Rohini was situated within the country known as Mallabhumi, encompassed on one side by the Suvarnarekha River. In the village of Royni, Rasikananda Deva was dearly beloved by the people. He was also known as Murari. At a very young age he became quite proficient in all of the scriptures. He was very devoted to his parents, especially his mother, whose name was Bhavani. His father married him at a very young age. Murari’s wife Syamadasi was of good character who hailed from the village of Ghonta Sila, not far from Royni where the Pandavas had lived in exile long ago.