Brooklyn: Former ISKCON president locks temple and removes “ISKCON” sign from building

Hare KrishnaBy GBC Brooklyn Temple Sale Committee

Removing “ISKCON” from the face of the temple building seems to signal Ramabhadra’s intention to escape removal from office by claiming that ISKCON and the GBC have no authority over him. Since the ISKCON temple building is officially owned by a legal entity called Bharati Center, Inc. — so he has argued — ISKCON, the GBC, and the congregation have no say.
Ramabhadra Dasa was removed as the ISKCON temple president by the GBC on July 18 for flagrantly disregarding the GBC’s decision, three times repeated, that the temple should not be sold. Although Ramabhadra and the “Bharati board” had the opportunity in March to easily cancel the sale, instead they chose to push ahead with selling, in defiance of the GBC.