KIRTAN MELA – 2017, MOUNTAIN ALTAY Russia (Album with photos) …

KIRTAN MELA – 2017, MOUNTAIN ALTAY Russia (Album with photos)
Another Kirtan Mela rumbled, already the fifth! Again, it was a tremendous feast of the celebration of the Holy Name and the magnificent feast of bhakti. Sweet kirtan Aditi duhkha hee Prabhu, Vaishnava prana Maladhary, Mukunda, Vishnu-tattva, Krishna creeps, Abhay Chaitanya, Rasa-lila gets carried away beyond the material creation, far, far away, in a wonderful country where the holiday never ends Where the inhabitants do not know about the separation, Where the inhabitants are unaware of sadness, Where music is not divided into sounds, Where there is no time, and no pity. Rupa Goswami says that the path of love is tortuous, and the closer we are to Krishna, the more we feel separation from Him, the stronger becomes this unbearable feeling that is causing us tears of love. Kirtan Mela on even the stoniest heart can melt, I say this from my own experience :)) raga nectar that poured from the heart kirtan and Vaishnava caught up by friendly chorus took on unprecedented power to change the heart. Weather contributed to this – the bright and hot sun quickly gives way to a dark leaden clouds, and our little Vrindavan flooded with torrents of rain, as if in Govardhan lila, and we found shelter at the Govardhan – altar with beautiful Deities and the Holy Name, which was the main deity in this Festival. And there was more nectar delicious variety of prasadam, which is under the guidance of Krishna Prabhu creeps prepared team of chefs – Chef – Bhagavan and his aides Audarya Radhika and Roma, Andrew and Nama priya, Roma Koltakov and others. Unearthly tastes! And there were master classes on playing the mrdanga, karatalah, harmonium and the basics and etiquette of kirtana and harinama. It was very lively fun and interesting. And also 2 wonderful seminars Aditi duhkha-hi and Vishnu tattva prabhu, where they revealed the innermost essence and meaning of chanting the holy name, and also that preliminary and necessary conditions for correct repetition are very important. Bathing in cold refreshing Katun, fun children’s programs, football with our guests, delicious prasadam by Abhay Chaitanya, pizza from Roma Kripakova, nectar service in the kitchen, a lot of nectar to communicate with friends, which can only be seen at the festival, dance till you drop a kirtan Aditi And many good things that words can not convey, but you can only experience yourself, so I invite you all to the next “Kirtan Mela”! Many thanks to all the organizers and especially Krishna Prabhu.
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