The Archbishop of Lebanon gets Srila Prabhupada’s…

The Archbishop of Lebanon gets Srila Prabhupada’s books.
Pavitra Devi Dasi: I was on SKP at the L.A. airport back in 1980. I was at American Airlines terminal distributing books as travelers boarded and unboarded planes. I suddenly saw a procession coming off the plane and heading towards the escalators. It was a pope with a tall white type headpiece, all kinds of long robes on with beautiful large rosaries hanging on him. I knew right away he was very special because he was surrounded by many many followers and body guards. There was in front of him a man carrying a pillow upon his head with what I believe was either the Virgin Mary or a stature of Jesus. I didn’t think ahead. I barged threw everyone to reach this priest. I made it. I took a very humble and reverential pose and asked who he may be. He said he was the archbishop of Lebanon. He was really nice. I handed him a book and asked him to please give it a read. He agreed and asked if I would need to be paid. I said well, you may give if you like. To my surprise, he pulled up all his heavy floor length robes and huge rosaries hanging from his waist to reach some money under it all and gave me $5.00 which wasn’t bad back in 1980. He thanked me and I thanked him and off the procession went.