Harinam Mandir’s bus broken. Please help!On July 2nd…

Harinam Mandir’s bus broken. Please help!
On July 2nd while driving to Split in Croatia our bus suddenly started to loose the speed and right away stopped. Later in the service, we found out it was the problem with the clutch. It was completely broken. Our Harinama Sankirtana group at the moment got stuck in Split and can’t move forward to make Harinamas in other cities. We would like to ask you to help us financially to repair our bus and this way contribute in Sankirtana mission in Europe. All together repair, towing and new clutch cost about 3000 euros. We are grateful for any help.
More information about us:
Account name: Nomen sancti monasterii
Account number: LT777044060008051652
Bank name: AB SEB bankas
Bank code: 112021238
Address: Paltininkų k. Kaišiadorių r. sav. Lietuva
Videos: https://goo.gl/VSUdTk
and https://goo.gl/4k5MAZ