Guru in the Morning

Hare KrishnaBy Danavir Goswami

A synonym for the word guru is acarya which means one who teaches by example. Guru means preacher and preacher means acarya— äcära pracära. A devotee who executes sadhana bhakti carefully for many years may be allowed to accept disciples. A main qualification for one’s becoming a guru in the first place was his strict adherence to the practices defined by his spiritual master. After some time however if that devotee, now guiding disciples, relaxes his sadhana due to “being advanced,” or to “preaching,” or some other reason, is it not a fly in the ointment? Unable to maintain the standard after accepting disciples, he should either immediately rectify the situation or in our humble opinion, discontinue accepting more disciples until he is able to recover. Meticulous attendance at the morning program is required for devotees living in an ISKCON temple, and it is a prerequisite for receiving brahminical initiation, why then should it not apply for gurus?