Boy goes into a “trance” by getting the…

Boy goes into a “trance” by getting the Bhagavad-gita!
Mohanasini’s Sankirtan Pic/Pick of the Week: After his parents gave a generous donation for Food for Life, I offered them a Bhagavad Gita for being so kind. Well, this 5-year-old, Cayden from Arkansas, who will be going into 1st grade in the fall, spontaneously grabbed the book from his father and opened up to the picture of Krishna and His different incarnations. He got a big smile and was practically glowing. He tried to show the picture to his parents but they didn’t pay so much attention. I asked his mom if he can read and she said yes. They were waiting on the corner for some time and I looked over and saw this intelligent boy sitting like a yogi on the sidewalk perusing the Bhagavad Gita very intently. Looks like he’s picked up where he left off! 🙂