What Attracts Me to Krsna?

Hare KrishnaBy Ranacora Dasa

An answer to the question: “Why is a good Christian like you worshiping a Hindu god?” People often ask me why I changed my faith from Christianity to worship of Krsna. They ask what made me give up Christianity. I am always quick to answer that I never “gave up” Christianity. The principal instruction Jesus gave was to love God, and I believe I can best do that by worshiping and serving Krsna. The Whole World in Krsna’s Mouth What is it that makes Krsna more attractive or meaningful to me than the God of the Bible? Well, first of all, as a devotee of Krsna I believe in only one God. and He is the same Supreme Person whether He appears in the Vedic scriptures of India or the Bible of the West, although He may be known by different names. So by worshiping Krsna I don’t reject the God of the Bible: I simply get to know Him from a different perspective. The Vedas teach that God appears many times in this world in different places and different ages. Each time He comes for the same reason: to reveal Himself to His lost children and to lead them back onto the right path. When Krsna came into this world five thousand years ago, in northern India, He showed the symptoms of God Himself. Krsna performed many supernatural feats and displayed many facets of His character, but He is best remembered for His childhood, as the darling son of Yasoda, playing in the forest of Vrndavana with His friends.