When the East came west. New Vrindavana – On the weekends,…

When the East came west.
New Vrindavana – On the weekends, around holidays and Hindu holy days, it gets busier at the temple, said Vrindivan Das, the communications director for the community.
“We see more than 30,000 people a year,” he said. “People come because they are curious. They come to see the beautiful palace, and, also, because they are pilgrims.”
Visitors, he said, come from all over the country and Canada, Europe and India.
“We get a lot more corporate people,” he said. “They come for the meditation and to relax.”

Along with the palace, there’s a community temple that could easily hold several hundred, a gift shop, a yoga studio, an inn and a vegetarian restaurant, which serves Indian food and pizza.

Adherents to the Hindu faith do not eat meat because they believe it attracts negative karma. However, dairy products are permitted. The New Vrindaban Community has a small dairy.
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