Understanding Karma (video) Questions about Karma answered by…

Understanding Karma (video)
Questions about Karma answered by Chaitanya Charan Das analyzing the Mahabharata.
Questions answered in this special episode: 1. Why do we accuse Kaurava and Karna for doing wrong and always support the Pandavas. Now the main question is if Krishna has planed everything so that no one can use their free will and even its not going to work because he has already planned. So where is Karna has free will and moreover I think what Vyasdeva is a best script writer, the best multi manager in four yuga has ever seen because he has written which is we can’t even think in this yuga because he has written Mahabharata which we can assume things but we can not verify it not even a one fact because there is no one alive to verify and even if he has written with this more understandings and own assumption then now we understand that Mahabharata is based on our own assumption and based on circumstances. do you think we can ever relate what are written at the current world moreover Mahabharata has happened some of the different yugas and how can we even compare those characters and examples to the current world which I think is completely irrelevant. (Asked by Rakesh Kumar Gudla from Hyderabad, Telangana, India)
Watch it here: https://goo.gl/f8zT9d