In Memoriam and book review

By Kavicandra Swami

My dear god brother H H Purna Candra Goswami went to his samadhi some time back and we heard many praises. HH Bhakti Vijnana Goswami was lamenting that Purna Candra Prabhu was not so well known world wide since he had much to offer. He did leave us a very beautiful book that I think should be studied by anyone who is serious about spiritual advancement while serving, in any position, within ISKCON. The book is titled, UNSPOKEN OBSTACLES ON THE PATH TO BHAKTI. The title says a lot. Most of the devotees who spoke at his samadhi function mentioned his deep philosophical thinking extensive scriptural knowledge. HH Sivaram Swami mentioned that his meetings with Purna Candra Goswami were always refreshing since the talks were always philosophical. In this books he has spoken out very frankly, sometimes it seems to be very much criticizing, but looking carefully we find compassion and a helping hand.