Exciting Plans Afoot for Spain’s New Vrajamandala. Yadunandana…

Exciting Plans Afoot for Spain’s New Vrajamandala.
Yadunandana Swami’s first move is to invite capable devotees to build up the New Vrajamandala team. (“Without a good team, you can’t be successful,” he says.) Already, Sabda Brahma Das, who previously worked at a bank, has been named the new treasurer; while retired post office manager Rafael Vasco is the accountant and temple commander.
The team’s top priority is to improve Deity worship. For this, they have calculated the minimum cost to maintain a good standard of worship, including pujari maintenance, which will bring steadiness. They’ve already secured sponsors, funding, and some new pujaris, and are looking for a head pujari to oversee the department.
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