A Beautiful SunRISE in Auckland, NZ!

Hare KrishnaBy the Executive Team, RISE

ISKCON Auckland NZ, is pioneering the establishment of a spiritual learning centre, named Rupanuga Institute of Spiritual Education (RISE). The opening of RISE was celebrated on the 21st May, 2017 during the Sunday feast at the temple with the blessings and guidance of HH Ramai Swami Maharaj & HH Devamrita Swami Maharaj. Temple President, HG Kalasamvara das, who supported the creation of RISE wholeheartedly, spoke about the legacy left behind by Srila Prabhupada in the form of his books and the need for systematically studying them. Speaking especially on one of the books being currently studied in Bhaktisastri, “The Nectar of Instruction” he said holding the book, “If somebody reads this book given by Srila Prabhupada and follows this one book, then he can return back home, back to godhead…Just for a small price , you can attain the highest level of devotional service. He thanked devotees for starting RISE an educational Institute for spiritual education and was happy to see the congregation’s enthusiasm in enrolling for the Bhakti Sastri course.