Sincerity Yours to Keep! Vaisesika Das: We come into the…

Sincerity Yours to Keep!
Vaisesika Das: We come into the material world naked and we will leave it naked. As living entities, we don’t own anything, nor can we keep anything. However, there is one item that is uniquely ours: our sincerity. Sincerity cannot be stolen or usurped as it springs from our own freedom of choice to do the right thing.
Although sincerity is subtle and cannot be put in a bottle, it is the most powerful substance in the universe. It radiates from the eyes and hearts of those who have it. It attracts the favorable glance of the Supreme Lord, who is otherwise not attracted by anything in the entire material cosmos.

A man or woman, from any background or in any circumstance, who makes a personal decision to cooperate with Krishna’s instructions – as He has given them in the Bhagavad-Gita – at once swims in the rejuvenating, all-safe river of sincerity.

“One should, therefore, practice devotional service at home, hearing and chanting the holy name, quality, form, pastimes, entourage, etc., in association with pure devotees, and this practice will help one awaken God consciousness in proportion to one’s sincerity of purpose.” (SB 1.13.27)