Spiritual Amnesia

Hare KrishnaBy Satyaraja Dasa

Prabhupada often compared it to being cured of amnesia. In the conventional treatment of the disease, one is given a daily regimen of gradual exposure to his or her former life. Hopefully, through a sustained effort, the patient gradually remembers and becomes cured. This is called anamnesis — the reversal of amnesia. Similarly, through a daily regimen, known as sadhana, one becomes relieved of their spiritual forgetfulness and gradually remembers their life in the spiritual world with Krishna. The amazing thing, though, is that Krishna often helps us get there in spite of ourselves. As Prabhupada says, “If you take one step toward Krishna, he’ll take a thousand toward you.” I’ve seen that in my own life, and while I’m hardly cured of my spiritual amnesia, I do see hopeful signs for the future, and I remember the numerous ways in which Krishna helped me.