300 kg of paneer from ISKCON farm, Gita Nagari Everybody has…

300 kg of paneer from ISKCON farm, Gita Nagari
Everybody has heard about the amazing Sadhu Sanga Retreat in North Carolina last month. What most people didn’t know is that one less publicized dream of Srila Prabhupada was also becoming true. An ISKCON farm, Gita Nagari, delivered 300 kg of paneer, produced with the farm’s milk from protected cows, to the festival kitchen. Hope this will become a reality soon, that the farms will produce food to our temples, restaurants and congregations. All glories to Gita Nagari, for their exemplary karma-free dairy and all glories to the event organizers, who encouraged and valued the farm’s produce by buying it! This is a way to go!

Exclusive look of the red carpet at the Los Angeles Premiere of…

Exclusive look of the red carpet at the Los Angeles Premiere of Hare Krishna! The Film with guests including New York Times Best Selling Author and Spiritual Guide Radhanath Swami (3 min video)
Giriraj Swami: I just saw the film for the second time, and got even more out of it than the first time, and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing it again—and again.
…last night at the movie ‘Hare Krishna: The Mantra, The Movement and the Man who started it all’ …….with some wonderful association, including Guru Maharaj, the Producers and the Director (Yadubara das and Visakha dasi) of the film.
I highly recommend it!
Watch it here: https://goo.gl/6XFREC

Baltic Sea Festivals began (Album with photos) Indradyumna…

Baltic Sea Festivals began (Album with photos)
Indradyumna Swami: Yesterday we held our first festival of the summer. As I looked at the photos I realized they could have come from any of the 1,200 festivals we have done along the Baltic Sea coast over the last 28 years. But then I realized that each festival is unique in itself, for every year the guests at our events are different. Remembering a purport from Srimad Bhagavatam, I was struck with wonder how by participating in our programs many hundreds of thousands of people [ Srila Prabhupada uses the term ‘onlookers’ ] have benefited:

“As the river flows on till she reaches the sea, similarly pure devotional service flows by the association of pure devotees till it reaches the ultimate goal, namely, transcendental love of God. On the contrary, it increases more and more without limitation. The flow of devotional service is so potent that any onlooker also becomes liberated from the modes of passion and ignorance.” [ SB 1.5.28 purport ]
Find them here: https://goo.gl/iWyFiU

WSN May 2017 – World Sankirtan Newsletter – After 6 years of silence a man speaks to the devotees

Hare KrishnaBy Vijaya das

Many years ago a man in one village was so inspired when the padayatra arrived that he took a vow to remain silent until the padayatra returned on its next lap around India. It takes the padayatra six years to go around India. When it did return, it was a big thing in the village, because now the man was going to speak again. So a stage was made for all the devotees to do kirtan, and afterward the gentleman would speak. Everyone in the village showed up, and he spoke for three hours, just from Srila Prabhupada’s books, because the only reading he had done was from those books. He spoke so powerfully that everyone was completely inspired in Krsna consciousness, including the devotees. Continue reading

HeraPanchami Celebrations at ISKCON Mayapur

Hare KrishnaBy Subroto Das

At Mayapur, the birth place of MahaPrabhu, the devotees of ISKCON today gave a lively presentation of the HeraPanchami pastime. Knowing the importance MahaPrabhu gave to this pastime, the devotees organised a splendid show at the Prabhupad Ghat where the Gundicha temple has been constructed for the first time. Carried on her palanquin a disgruntled LaxmiDevi with a bunch of aggressive servitors came rushing towards the Gundicha temple in the evening where the Lord was gleefully enjoying melodious kirtans being rendered by His devotees. They tried to breach the boundary of Gundicha and in desperation damaged the Rath of Jagannath. LaxmiDevi seemed enraged at her husband for not informing about His whereabouts. She complained that although she was so restless for the last 5 days but the Lord seemed to be basking in the affection and care of His devotees. The servitors of Jagannath did not like this behaviour and a strife ( friendly) between them broke out. Ultimtely Shivji had to interfere and he pacified each group of supporters. It was an amazing spectacle to watch that how much the devotees of the Lord love Him, do not want to leave Him and cannot live without Him for a moment. A pure devotee of the Lord believes that each time he blinks his eyelids he misses an opportunity to see the Lord. He fears nothing except separation from the Lord. Continue reading