Her Grace Gandharvika Dasi has left this world. Gandharvika…

Her Grace Gandharvika Dasi has left this world. Gandharvika Dasi, previous Iskcon San Diego Temple president has left her body. She left quickly, with family and friends, while listening to Srila Prabhupada chant, with Lord Nrsimhadeva’s dhoti (from Mayapura) touching her head, and with Ganga jal and Tulasi in her mouth… on her way back to Sri Sri Radha Giridhari’s Lotus Feet.
Please send prayers for Gandharvika, her husband, her young son, mother, father, siblings, other family members, and friends. Gandharvika is loved by so many and has deeply touched so many hearts. Her ability to selflessly give is not of this world. She will be missed, but her transcendental legend will live on.
Radha Dasi just shared her realization with me, “Gandharvika did three lifetimes of service in one lifetime.”
Thank you, Gandharvika, for your beautiful life, an example for us to treasure and remember. She is free now from this condition and in the hands of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna.
All glories to Gandharvika devi dasi!“