Dealing with addiction

Hare KrishnaBy Dina Krishna Das

We all have attachments in this material world. The secret of success is to dovetail these attachments to Krishna. This is easy said, than done. However, if you have access to a mature devotee, then the doors of detachment will start to open into the garden of Bhakti. We have five senses which are controlled by the mind, anyone of these senses can be captured by the illusory nature we live in. When one goes through a phase of addiction, it is a way to escape from the realities of life. We can see in the UK that binge drinking is a major problem for the local councils to handle. Thousands upon thousands of young men and women are heavily intoxicating their bodies during the evening within the pubs. Why? Because it is a source of pleasure, it is a way to relax; it is a way to forget the problems of life. This material world is full of miseries as Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita. Even if you are rich, famous, intelligent, etc, there will always be suffering.