Harinam, Prasadam and book distribution (Album with…

Harinam, Prasadam and book distribution (Album with photos)
@Taman Kota, Singaraja (Singaraja’ is a port town in northern Bali, Indonesia) 21.5.2017
Srila Prabhupada: The devotees of the Lord, while delivering speeches and describing the transcendental attributes of the Lord, do not think that they can do anything independently. They think that they can speak only what they are induced to speak by the Supreme Lord, the master of the senses… No one is free to act freely and independently, and as such, one should always seek the permission of the Lord to act or eat or speak, and by the blessing of the Lord, everything done by a devotee is beyond the principles of the four defects typical of the conditioned soul. SB 2.4.11 purp.
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