Dogs And Cats Don’t Need Freud

Hare KrishnaBy His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

So this dog’s philosophy will not help you, that “I have got this body, and how to enjoy the bodily sex life.” This is dog philosophy. A dog knows all these things. Your philosophy should be how to refrain from sex life. That is knowledge. Tapo divyam [SB 5.5.1]. Tapasya. This human life is meant for tapasya, to refrain from sense gratification. That is knowledge. Not that how to enjoy sex life or sense gratification. This is known to cats and dogs without any education, without any philosophy. The philosophy, pravrttih esam bhutanam nivrtes tu maha-phalam.(?) Pravrtti, every living entity has got this pravrtti, means propensity. What is that? Sense enjoyment. Loke vyavaya ‘misa mada-seva nityas tu jantuh.(?) Jantuh means living being. Nitya, always, he has got the propensity, vyavaya amisa mada-seva. Vyavaya. Vyavaya means sex life and amisa means meat-eating. Vyavaya amisa, mada-seva, and intoxication. These are natural instincts of all living entities, even amongst the ants these propensities are there. Those who have studied… The ants are very much fond of being intoxicated. Therefore, they find out sweet, sugar. Sweet is intoxication. Perhaps you know, all. The liquor is made from sugar. Sugar is fermented with acid, sulphuric acid, and then it is distilled. That is liquor. Therefore too much sweet eating is prohibited.