Powerful Harinam in Central London for Lord Nrsimhadev 9th May…

Powerful Harinam in Central London for Lord Nrsimhadev 9th May 2017 (4 min video)
Parasurama das: Lord Caitanya organized His Harinam parties in a very exact way. This is what we did on this Nrsimhadev Harinam to avoid weak, slow, and yodeling Kirtan. If Kirtan is so important, why not put the energy into it. A big sound system is required that doesn’t run out of battery, without taking away the spontaneous rasa there is still a good idea to orchestrate the Harinam to some degree. Govinda prabhu sang first, started in the key of F and then change to G as planned. A cheeky wink gave the musicians the time to change tune or key. Sruti Dhar Prabhu continued in the key of G. Then Tribhangananda Prabhu waited for his key, the key of G and as planned sang the Prabhupada tune, as did Sakshi Gopal Prabhu. Singing in the key of G is in my opinion the best key for male devotees to sing in, for street Kirtan. At least one female Vaisnava should sing and that was Ratnavali dasi who always sings in the key of D, ( gents and ladies generally sing in different keys). We controlled the mixing desk, and made the vocals dominate. In the future, we wish to get five mrdangas , tuned together and played to a strong marching beat but right now our drummer Matt Prabhu, professional drummer from the band Razorlight, played the Tribhuvanath beat for the whole Harinam as did Ratnavali dasi which they perfectly done. The Tribhuvanath beat is a special powerful beat ideal for a marching Harinam. Because we grew up on this beat and because the festival team don’t play any other beat, this is what we choose. Tribhuvanath Prabhu left us 15 years ago, still his beat goes on which is made up of 3 different moves according to the speed of the Kirtan.
Watch it here: https://goo.gl/iJNGTU