Family Love and Affection: Very Necessary for Healthy Krsna-Conscious Families

Hare KrishnaBy Krsnanandini devi dasi

Sometimes devotees, especially in the neophyte state, misunderstand the meaning of detachment and attachment. And we erroneously conclude that showing affection or attachment is “maya” or material. Warm, loving interactions with other “bodies” may be taken as unnecessary or even as an impediment to spiritual growth. However, such thinking is a great misunderstanding. When we recognize that all things, all people and all living beings in general (as well as their bodies) belong to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, we will see that we have nothing to renounce and nothing to be detached from because it all belongs to Krsna. Then we will aspire to use everything in His service and treat all with loving care. Srila Prabhupada exemplified this understanding in all of his interactions with everyone. Whether famous or not, a dignitary or a child, he treated each person with a sincere heartfelt caring.