Congratulations! Prtha Goldman, daughter of Puskar das and…

Prtha Goldman, daughter of Puskar das and Sukhada devi dasi, graduated from University of Florida on Friday, April 28, 2017. She was presented as Dr. Prtha Goldman when she received her diploma. She is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is looking forward to her new career and serving the devotees as well. We offer Prtha all blessings on this very special occasion. Prtha would like to thank her family and friends for all the support and appreciation she has received over the years.

Vrinda Shah, daughter of Dharmaraja das and Prema Manjari devi dasi, graduated from UF in Microbiology and is moving on to pursue her dental studies at UF in August. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR GLORIOUS VAISHNAVAS who have always stood by us in our journey and achievements in our lives.

Marisha Innis, daughter of Cetanarahita das and Viracita devi dasi, graduated from Santa Fe College with an AA in Engineering with Highest Distinction and a High School Degree. She will be enrolled in UF College of Engineering. Contratulations to a highly succesful dual enrollment student!