German airport offers travelers prayer booth. It features 300…

German airport offers travelers prayer booth. It features 300 prayers in 65 languages.
Feeling nervous before Your flight? Travelers at one German airport can now receive spiritual solace by entering a booth and listening to a prayer of their choice before boarding the plane. The prayer booth at Stuttgart Airport’s Terminal 3 features 300 prayers from various religions in 65 different languages. Designed by Berlin artist Oliver Stunts, the photo booth-sized cabin offers a vast variety, including the Christian Lord’s Prayer, the Jewish Shma Israel and the Islamic muezzin’s call to prayer.
The Hindu Hare Krishna chant and a funeral- ceremony from the Solomon Islands are also available. An airport spokeswoman said yesterday the ‘Gebetomat’ prayer booth which was first designed by Sturm in 2008, was installed on Thursday and its use is free. -OP
In the photo: A man stands in front of the ‘prayomat’ installed at an airport in Stuttgart, Germany.