Digvijay Gunjaria: Mr C K Shah, father of Vaishnava Seva dasa…

Digvijay Gunjaria: Mr C K Shah, father of Vaishnava Seva dasa (Iskcon Desire Tree) is in his last phase of his life. Requesting devotees to pray to Lord Krishna to shower His mercy on his soul.
Mr C K Shah had attended Srila Prabhupada’s Cross maidan pandal program for three days, the same program that Radhanth Swami attended.
Although coming from a jain family background, he was inspired by the foreigners joining sanatana dharma. He became a life member and made 33 friends and his contacts life members in those early days to support ISKCON.

He had a daily habit if going on morning walk on Juhu beach and had from distance seen Srila Prabhupada many times.

However when his son joined ISKCON, his attitude changed. He is one of the few parents who have fought with Radhanath swami on this issue.

When he underwent his first cardiac bypass surgery in 1996, devotees donated blood. He was very moved by this. When prominent senior devotees came to see him while he was in hospital, he was touched. His heart transformed. He gave up his anti ISKCON attitude. He started hearing Hare Krishna kirtans all the time during his recovery in the hospital. Soon he arranged a big program for Radhanath Swami on his building’s terrace and called hundreds of people from the society building and his friends.

He helped Bhaktivedanta hospital. He convinced his friend Mr Damji Anchorwala to donate the entire ICU of the hospital. Since he was from pharmaceutical background, he use to visit the hospital in initial days to help them develop policies at pharmacy.

At times when he would go abroad, he would try to visit nearby ISKCON temples. Once he went to New Vrindavan to meet Radhanath Swami and had a memorable interactions with him.

Last two years he gradually developed dementia and moved from his Andheri residence to his son’s house in Mira road which also happens to be office of ISKCON desire tree. The devotee staff interacted with him mercifully and nicely and he enjoyed their company. At times he use to listen to Srila Prabhupada’s and other lectures and enjoy kirtans which use to play on the speaker system. Devotee staff would serve him nicely and he treated them as their friends.

Two months back he developed left side paralysis.

Radhanath Swami visited him last year and again visited him after he developed paralysis.

He completed 83 years on 27 th April. He is now in his last few hours of his life in this body.

His son, Vaishnava seva dasa requests devotees to kindly pray for his soul.

Vaishnava seva dasa feels that if it was not for the mercy of Guru and devotees and also his father who pushed him to study and become a doctor and earn, he would not have been able to run ISKCONdesiretree.