Vraja-mandala Parikrama 2017

Hare KrishnaBy Lokanath Swami

The holy and auspicious month of Kartik means that it is also the time for ISKCON’s Padayatra Ministry’s Vraja-mandala Parikrama. This year the Parikrama commences on 5 October 2017. If you ever questioned as to why we would just like to wander around the forests of Vrndavana during Parikrama. Well, it is in our line, following in the footsteps of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates. ” The Lord’s ecstatic love increased a thousand times when He visited Mathura, but it increased a hundred thousand times when He wandered in the forests of Vrndavana. (Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya Lila 17.227)”