Famous Kshetras of Lord Nrsimhadev and His Pastimes

Hare KrishnaBy Nandini Radha devi dasi

17. Antarvedi: This is one among the thirty-two most reputed Nrsimha Kshetras of Andhra Pradesh. It has a famous temple of Sri Lakshmi Nrsimha Swamy. The unique feature of the Deity is that it is facing towards West instead of East, the usual direction. 18. Singarayakonda: Located in Andhra Pradesh. Singa- lion; konda- hill. The Deity of Varaha Nrsimha resides here. 19. Namakkal: Located in Tamil Nadu. After being pacified by Prahlad Maharaj, the Lord assumed the form of a Shanta Nrsimha saligrama in the Gandaki river. Lakshmi devi was upset and wanted to have association of the Lord again and thus performed penances in Kamalalayam (Namakkal). Here Sri Mahalakshmi’s prayers made Nrsimhadev calm.