Vaisnavi Retreat in Govardhana

Hare KrishnaBy Bhaktin Anya Nimaeva

We are all looking for inspiration. Without it our life becomes dull and our spiritual practice stagnates. Attending a retreat is a great way to find inspiration and get a new perspective. The VIHE International Vaisnavi Retreat 2017 gave inspiration to more than seventy vaisnavis from all around the world and left a deep impression on me personally. I can still feel the warmth of holding hands and the sweetness of smiles on many faces. The sound of the tambura is still playing in my mind and Giriraja is still right there within a few steps. This was my first vaisnavi retreat and I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be much more than I could imagine. Just having an opportunity to see Giriraja every day felt surreal. Being engaged in service to all the devotees was a special blessing. Sharing responsibility with the wonderful team of staff created a bond which will stay no matter if we ever meet again.