Meet Bhakta Owen. Mandakini devi dasi: New Govardhana resident…

Meet Bhakta Owen.
Mandakini devi dasi: New Govardhana resident Bhakta Owen Maher recalls having an unusual dream in 2015. In this dream, a disembodied hand was extended towards him offering a Bhagavadgita. He had not previously seen any devotees or any devotional literature. When he woke up, he googled ‘Bhagavad-gita’ and was delighted to find out the spiritual significance. Weeks later, while holidaying in Byron Bay, Caranaravinda dasa approached him and handed Owen a Bhagavadgita! After praying to Krishna for another sign, he returned to his hometown of Umina, NSW, and was thrilled to then meet devotees on the street. He invited them to his home after purchasing a Srimad-Bhagavatam. It wasn’t long before Owen was chanting japa every day.
Owen is also a practical man, with years of experience in his father’s painting and decorating business. He has also been a personal fitness trainer, keen rugby player and spent seven years practicing Vipassana yoga. Now living in New Govardhana, he is managing the paraphernalia and bhoga rooms and has proved himself to be a good handyman and gardener. Owen’s very supportive parents appreciate his chosen lifestyle and thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere when he and his Gaura Nitai Deities come to visit. With the aroma and taste of prasadam, the maha flowers placed on his parent’s bed each evening and the soothing sprinkles of offered water, Owen has transformed the family home into a spiritual haven.
His mother is reading Bhagavad-gita and his sister, who is the mother of two young children, has received his gift of chanting beads and bead bag. “All my energy is here at the farm at the moment and I am fully focused on Krishna consciousness,” says Owen. “But I am looking forward to going to India early next year.”