Heroes of the Flood. Krishnarupa devi dasi: It was bigger than…

Heroes of the Flood.
Krishnarupa devi dasi: It was bigger than the 1954 and 1988 floods as Cyclone Debbie cut a devastating swathe throughout the Tweed Shire, with much of the area (including Murwillumbah) under heavy water. Lives were tragically lost and valuable property ruined. Devotees lost businesses and some had their homes and belongings seriously water damaged. New Govardhana also endured serious flooding, with Krishna Village inundated, fencing wrecked and the animals in danger. As we often see when tragedy strikes, heroes emerge. New Govardhana devotees went into action and provided delicious hot prasadam all over town for some days. Being a recipient of this prasadam, when you are struggling trying to do flood clean-ups, it was a blessing. My neighbors were delighted to receive a home delivery, thanks to Lokesvari devi dasi.
There were many members of our devotee community who went out of their way to help people, such as Shyama McCrae, who kindly offered to help me if I needed some assistance; to Rupa Charana dasa and the four Mayapur Gurukula graduates who lugged an enormously heavy log back to its rightful place in my backyard and who had also been distributing prasadam with Krishna Gana dasa and others like Yasoda devi dasi, to Sridasa Johnson from DAS Construction, who helped many with his pressure cleaner. I was also told he drove around South Murwillumbah collecting floating gas bottles and also Photography: Trevor Gore helped people in Railway Street who were hit badly by the flood. On the farm, Mal Knights and his colleagues demonstrated great leadership qualities when Krishna Village was completely flooded out, and of course Ajita dasa, who was leading with his usual gusto. Other devotees in town shared their evening meals, washing machines – and consoling hugs. For those not mentioned specifically here, on behalf of other flood victims, I extend a heartfelt thank you!