Advent of Kali Yuga

By Radhanath Swami

You see these temples that we are living in, they are not in Kali-yuga. So long as the devotees are taking shelter of Holy name. this is Satya in this room as soon as you go out it is Kali. Why? because everyone here is simply surcharging everything with the holy name of Krishna. As soon as we forget the name, we are in Kali-yuga. As long as we are remembering, we are in spiritual world. We are liberated. Srila Prabhupada used to tell us in the earliest days, that all my disciples are liberated. We were just looking at each other like, we are liberated..? (laughter) we had so many horrible desires in our minds. Some devotees they are not even following the 4 regulative principles. He said all my disciples are liberated. Devotees challenged Prabhupada, we don’t want to contradict you without thinking but we don’t feel liberated. He said the fact is that you are acting on the liberated stage. The fact is that you are chanting the holy names of the Lord regularly, and humbly serving your spiritual master, following 4 regulative principles, you are acting as the liberated souls. The only thing is you haven’t yet realized the position you are on. You are on liberated position, we haven’t realized it. But gradually by associating with the liberated position, pure devotional service you will realize it.