Krishna temple Munich has to find a new home – Call out for help…

Krishna temple Munich has to find a new home – Call out for help and contributions.
Prayers on the auspicious moments of Akshaya Tritiya.
Our beloved Lord Sri Krishna gives His devotees many opportunities to serve Him, sometimes services come in the form of challenges and this is the special mercy of our sweet Lord. After having our temple for 21 years in Wachenheimerstrasse 1 in Munich, we have received a notice from the owner of the house to move out within the next 6 months. To shift the home of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai with all the paraphernalia and belongings will be a challenging project. There is a great need for immediate visions, plans, financial support, manpower etc. With this need for your support and contributions, we are turning to you with this call out. We are grateful to the Lord for showering His mercy on us in the form of these challenges, which brings us even closer and empowers us to travel ahead together for our spiritual advancement. So by any chance, if you are able to give us any support in any possible manner, whether by giving us some ideas, financial support or manpower support, it will be highly appreciated. Please get in contact with our temple management by the following e-mail address or by the following phone number.
Mobile Danakeli dd: 00491761435026
Mobile Paramatma Krishna Prabhu: 004917623500412
Temple Email Address:

Donations (Spende) can be made personally in temple to temple President or through Bank transfer in the temple account mentioned below:

ISKCON Muenchen – Verein fuer Vedische Kultur e.V.
Hypo Vereinsbank – BLZ: 700 202 70 – Kto: 6040207722
IBAN: DE31 70020270 6040207722

In this manner, everybody will be able to serve the Lord in diverse manner and capacities!

Hare Krishna!