Worry is the interest we pay on loans we haven’t yet taken

Hare KrishnaBy Chaitnya Charan Das

Spiritual wisdom is not just a spare wheel in our life. When things don’t work then we will go to temple or we will pray to God. We keep it like a spare wheel. But if we make spiritual wisdom as the steering wheel of our life, we make it pivot by which we shape our decisions then we will find that whatever life sends our way we will be able to bring the best out of it. In life good and bad things will anyway happen. But with BG wisdom, we can bring best out of the good and also of the bad. That is what Arjuna did, he was devastated at the start, but by the Gita wisdom he was inspired at the end. Arjuna’s bow represents our determination. At the start of BG he kept aside his bow saying I can not fight. But by the end he raised his bow again and he was ready to fight. Similarly, life diversities make us put aside our bow. I can not do any thing. We give up. But by hearing the message of BG, Arjuna became confident. We can also become confident by the understanding of the God’ benevolence, the God’s love for us. And we can be inspired in loving determination like Arjuna to make our contribution in life.