Sweet words

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

“Sweet words cannot lift someone more than the best medicine whereas no weapon can destroy someone as much as harsh words” In the Srimad Bhagavatam there’s a story in the Daksha yajna Lord Shiva appeared and Lord Shiva was a meditation when Daksha came and he didn’t stand up and Daksha was very upset that he was disrespected and he began criticizing very heavily, criticizing Lord Shiva and of course Shiva’s wife there, Sati and she became so disturbed that the Bhagavatam explains that the words of her father Daksha were like piercing arrows in her heart and so the point is that critical words can act of pierce a person’s heart can destroy one and she was so destroyed that she actually killed herself. She didn’t want to be related to this person anymore who had so much hatred towards her husband’s that I’m associated by birth. That was it, she said okay I’m going to kill myself. So, you can imagine those words of criticism Lord Shiva caused her to kill herself. So the point is that if we criticize someone or someone that’s dear to someone those words can be extremely destructive.