ISKCON’s Global Observance of Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi – Inaugural Celebrations at Kanchipuram and Sriperumbudur

Hare KrishnaBy Bhadra Balaram das

Sri Ramanujacharya is one name that glows within the Vaisnava Sampradaya like a crest jewel. Although 1000 years have passed by since the appearance of Sri Ramanujacarya, it has not reduced the brightness of his name and fame, not to speak of diluting the level of adherence to his teachings. And why not! Acharya Sri Ramanuja, is a great revolutionary saint and divine incarnate of Sri Lakshmana, the younger brother of Sri Rama. He spread the message of equality of all the jivas in the service of the Supreme Lord, Sri Vishnu. Bhagavad Sri Ramanuja exemplified Acharya Upasanam, Guru Bhakti, and instructed everyone to engage in devotional service to the Lord. It is remarkable that even though it is going to be 1000 years, the attraction to his most exemplary life continues to attract large number of people towards Sri Vaisnavism. Millions of people have based their spiritual practices and religious conceptions on his words in southern India, and in the western world as well.