Radha Kunda Seva: March 2017 Photos and Updates (Album with…

Radha Kunda Seva: March 2017 Photos and Updates (Album with photos)
7000 buildings around the parikrama path had been marked for demolition and demolished they were. March was a traumatic month for many Govardhan residents …and for us as well when we saw a giant red X painted on the pillar of our temple freshly built at the front end of our property. So far, by Radha and Krishna’s mercy, the government has spared our temple, instead only knocking down the front gate and some of the wall encircling our land. We will put up a temporary fence to replace the broken wall. And our construction managers are cautiously recommending that we delay the building of the kitchen and residence facilities a few months until after the mayhem has died down. And so we wait. With the help of a lawyer, we have now received official permission from the Radha Kunda district magistrate to reinstate feeding chenna prasada to parikrama pilgrims and to continue cleaning all around Radha Kunda. And so with a new sense of confidence and your steady support, we continue the daily service of cleaning and prasadam distribution in Radha Kunda. Please browse our latest photos and join our efforts by visiting www.radharani.com. Your servants, Campakalata Devi dasi, Padma Gopi Devi dasi, Urmila Devi Dasi, and Mayapurcandra dasa.
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